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twenty | three is in the business of creating solutions for whatever you bring to our team. Whether it be transitioning your projects to virtual or to creating a slick and beautiful website for your company, twenty | three dives in and completes the job, and pristinely. 

We will work with your staff, leadership team and organization as a whole to meet whatever task you place at our table. If you have a vision of propelling yourself forward and evolving into your next phase of excellence, contact us today. Where preparation meets opportunity, you reap the benefits. 

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Menu of Services

twenty | three offers solutions to both the business and education realms within the United States as well as internationally. View our menu of services below.


    Business Realm

  • Website development

  • Branding

  • Communication publication, virtual & print (versed in Constant Contact, Canva and other similar platforms)

  • Client communications solutions

  • Company processes development

  • Web presence cleanup

  • Audit of processes

  • Social media development

  • Antiquated documents transitioned to virtual documents

  • Transcription

  • Grant writing

  • Resume' support

  • Curriculum Vitae Support

  • Legal documentation training*

  • Legal documentation review*

  • Document editing & revision

  • Talent recruitment

  • 24-hour support offered to clients 

  • Additional support considered upon request

    Education Realm

  • Student recruitment

  • Student enrollment

  • Re-registration

  • Residency

  • Love & Logic Facilitator

  • McKinney-Vento (Homelessness) support & training

  • Communication publications (versed in Constant Contact, Canva and other platforms)

  • District Hearing preparation

  • Community partner coordination

  • Volunteer program coordination

  • FERPA support

  • Audit of processes

  • Cumulative records support

  • Enrollment & SIS database support (versed in SchoolMint, Tyler, PowerSchool & other various platforms)

  • Document editing

  • Board meeting preparation

  • Accreditation site visit preparation

  • Grant writing

  • Educational record transfers

  • Transcription

  • Talent recruitment

  • Social media development

  • 24-hour support offered to clients 

  • Additional support considered upon request

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Kellie is an outstanding consultant.  She is responsive, accurate, and thoughtful in all engagements.  She keeps you up to date on the status of work, unprompted, and seeks to identify very clear problems and the associated solutions, which is a tremendous value-add for schools, school leaders, and school personnel.  Kellie has strong content knowledge in enrollment systems, client and user experience, data (specifically school and student analyses), and administrative needs to support student learning.  Ultimately, Kellie is a tremendous asset to any school, charter, or district team as they seek to improve processes at all levels.

Noah Devine, SchoolSmart KC, Kansas City, Missouri

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