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Cynthia Kivett.jpg

Cynthia Kivett (She | Her)

(pictured, left)

With over 30 years of experience in both the business and education realms, Cynthia brings to twenty | three an excellence in entrepreneurship and passion for supporting any organization or individual she comes into contact with. Cynthia ensures the viability of several entities within the Kansas City, MO area; her expertise ranges from marketing, maintaining organizational records to serving as liaison in a number of community circles within the Kansas City Metropolitan area. She fulfills her duties with a spirit of excellence.

Cynthia has a degree in Religion, Biblical and Theological Studies. She is currently Senior Pastor of a local church and has been for twenty-five years, the Marketing Director for the Concerned Clergy Coalition of Kansas City, Missouri, Central Office Manager & Cumulative Records Custodian for a local charter school and Founder of Greater Works Ministry—community outreach.

Cynthia is passionate about meeting the needs of the urban community. 

She believes that through dedication and hard work, we can accomplish anything.

Tammie Lay.jpg

Tammie Lay (She | Her)

Consultant (pictured, right)

With a 30 year tenure in education collectively in the Oklahoma and Missouri public and charter school systems, Tammie brings to twenty | three a grit and determination to accomplish any task placed in front of her. Tammie has her masters degree in Educational Administration, Masters degree in Seminary and bachelors degree in Elementary Education. Tammie has worked in the trenches as an educator in the elementary grades, opened and launched a public head-start partnered preschool as well as served in the capacity as an assistant elementary school principal during her career. Tammie shines in the Education Realm as clients rave about her ability to connect with families and support them. Removing barriers in education is her passion and her customer service manner is impeccable in regard to ensuring families accomplish finding quality education. 
She also has an uncanny ability at building strong relationships with partnered organizations in an effort  to accomplish goals on their terms. 
Tammie also serves as pastor of her local church and was recently ordained as a Seventy, where her mission is to promote justice and peacemaking". 
She believes that everyone has a place at the table.

DeVaughn Hurt.jpg

DeVaughn Hurt (He | Him)

Consultant (pictured, left)

DeVaughn Hurt earned a B.A. in Physical Education & Secondary Education and an M.A. in Guidance and Counseling from UMKC, as well as an M.A.S. in Assessment, Autism Spectrum Disorders from Missouri Western State University. He has 25 years of educational experience as a school counselor, classroom teacher, and athletic coach. He has worked with students in elementary, middle, and high school settings, in public schools, charter schools, and alternative educational environments. DeVaughn possesses knowledge of differentiated instructional methods needed to successfully teach all learners in diverse classrooms. Whether striving to ensure equitable education for students experiencing homelessness, at-risk youth, LGBTQIA+ individuals, or “high-flyers,” his commitment to active listening, dedication to diversity and inclusion, belief in the empowerment of all individuals, and frank, realistic conversations contribute to the strength of his interpersonal relationships.

306460835_740298237067951_8033197525175619358_n (1)_edited_edited.png

Cami Sue Powers (She | Her)

Consultant, Grant Process Management

With a collegiate education focus in History/English and a minor focus in the discipline of Psychology/Sociology, Cami brings a robust wealth of talent to the twenty | three team. Her expertise in grant project oversight has gained clients who desperately needed funding to further their missions. Cami is a delegate for the World Hemophilia Foundation and is passionate about supporting marginalized groups to remove hurdles that may create additional strain in the accomplishment of living their best lives. Cami has worked with clients both nationally and internationally in the business sector and has a vast knowledge of the inner workings of businesses, both established and start-ups. In addition to supporting clients with their endeavors, her passion is advocacy for females with bleeding disorders. Cami believes that when you work toward a goal, it is impossible not to accomplish it.

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