School Support

Support for Charter, Public and Private School Districts


With a combined 80+ years of experience within school districts, we are able to provide absolute support from recruitment through the enrollment process with supporting parents across the finish line. Our virtual process ensures a smooth journey for parents and staff alike.

Student Recruitment

Recruitment is an essential step in your district's enrollment process. With the shift from mailers and billboard ads to digital marketing, our ability to recruit is unparalleled. We use a method of both conventional and non-conventional strategies to ensure your target enrollment goal is met.

Process Audit

Is your school/district in need of brushing off the dust and updating a few antiquated processes? Let us dive in and discover what is working and what needs adjustment. We've developed a rubric system that will afford you definitive data to manipulate for enhancement within your organization.

Residency & McKinney-Vento Support

Through years of experience, we are well-versed with residency as well as McKinney-Vento processes and have the ability to lead your team through these intricate systems. Given our training at the state level and with experts in this field, we are confident that our knowledge base will equip your staff to support your most vulnerable.


Accreditation is intense and having expert guidance from those who have sat on both sides of this table is a benefit. Members of our team have served on QAR teams with the former accreditation organization, AdvancED, now Cognia. Let our team take the guesswork out of this imperative process and propel your institution toward accomplishment.

Legal Documents

While we do not have an attorney on our team, we do have expertise in legal documentation as well as supporting your team in training them to comprehend a legal document you may receive from a family. With a masters in Criminal Justice with an Emphasis in Legal Studies, Kellie has a wealth of knowledge in this arena.

Community Partnerships

Community organizations are a vital resource to nourish your students in ways that reach beyond the classroom walls. Are you in need of support in handling the legwork that accompanies this process? Let our team take the reins and coordinate on your behalf.

District Hearings

Hearings are an inevitable part of a district. With our experience in the coordination of student hearings, we are able to handle the managerial pieces of this process as a neutral party to your families. Consider allowing us to be a liaison for these events.

Social Media and Web Presence

Students, parents, stakeholders and internal personnel have voices that can amplify or stifle your organization. Monitoring your web presence as well as creating content for your social media outlets is a must. We are well-versed in multiple platforms including Niche, Google Review, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, to name a few. Talent within our team in Canva, Simplified and other design platforms allows us to take this daunting task and run with it.

Cumulative Files

Laws exist that require districts to maintain records in a pristine manner. Our team is trained and knowledgable regarding these requirements and we have spent time restructuring schools' cumulative records and processes. If you are in need of this task, we are here to help walk you through it.

FERPA Support

We have served, individually, as district point-persons for FERPA and have a working knowledge of these intricate laws. While we are not attorneys, we are well-versed in these processes and can point your team in the right direction for support in this area.

Student Information System Services

Student Information Systems (SIS) is one of our shining points. Our team has a working expertise in multiple platforms including but not limited to SchoolMint, PowerSchool, Tyler, Infinite Campus and more. Allow us to support you with any request you may have regarding your system(s) and data.

Board Meeting Preparation

Your Board is an integral part of your district. Monthly meetings are important in pushing your institution towards its goals. Board meeting preparation is simple, but it takes time. Our team has 10+ years in board support and would enjoy helping you with this monthly responsibility.

Volunteer Program

From onboarding volunteers to coordinating placement within your campuses, a volunteer program is no small feat! Our team has 20+ years of experience in facilitating volunteer programs at our previous districts. Consider us in alleviating this task and recognizing your volunteers for their incredible gift to your school.

Love and Logic

Love and Logic is a timeless discipline approach with a whole-child philosophy. Individuals in our team been to the Love and Logic Institute and were trained by Jim Faye and Charles Faye, Ph.D., founders of Love and Logic. Being well-versed in both the parenting and classroom curriculum gives us the ability to host virtual parent and staff workshops for your district.

District Form Development

Forms are necessary for your district. Paper is outdated and virtual forms can be tricky. We can create both for your families! Allow us to adjust your current forms via paper and then build them into your SIS system for parents to complete. Families love the convenience of virtual and you will still have the ability to offer a paper format for those less tech-savvy.

The Shift from Paper to Digital

Enrollment and re-enrollment occur annually. Why not shift your old systems to a virtual platform? Let us help you shop for your chosen system and then support you with implementation in an effort for your district to shift forward into the digital realm of these processes.

Office of Civil Rights (OCR) Complaint Process

Has your district been informed you are embarking upon a suit? Our combined experience in walking through multiple OCR events has enabled us to work with your team to support you in collecting historical data to equip your institution as best as is possible to present your files to your district's attorneys.

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