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Our Roots

twenty | three exists to support our clients with issues they are facing, both large and small. Our aggressive, straight-forward approach sets us apart and ensures success with project management.

Kellie began her career in the education realm in 2001 as an educator in a preschool classroom. Transitioning to the elementary education level in the Kansas City, MO urban core for the next four years, Kellie's first passion was working with children. The opportunity to transition into leadership arose and she worked for the next 13 years within that capacity and launched out on her own in 2019 with twenty | three. 

Kellie holds a dual bachelors in Elementary Education & Early Childhood Education with a masters in Criminal Justice with an Emphasis in Legal Studies. Her team at twenty | three has strength due to the repertoire of skills and talents that each member possesses. 

With over 80+ years of combined experience in both the education and business sectors, we provide a broad range of services and solutions to facilitate progression within your organization. Contact us today to plan and execute your project.

--Kellie Brady, Founder | Owner

**No legal guidance from an attorney is available through twenty | three, LLC; Kellie holds a masters degree in Criminal Justice with an Emphasis in Legal Studies and has a wealth of experience in working with legal issues that arise within organizations she participates in.  

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