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Enrollment Season is Here! Are You Virtual or Antiquated?

With enrollment season underway, now is the time to consider your methods and processes of recruitment and enrollment practices.

What are your current processes? Are they antiquated? Do you use paper/pen format to re-enroll/enroll? Are you juggling multiple forms in random places within your organization and losing some of them in the shuffle?

If so, it is time to consider enhancing and creating a smoother and completely virtual process. Parents with children in school are from a tech era; they are accustomed to virtual formatting for everyday responsibilities. Why would your school be frozen in the paper-pencil times when that is not what parents are used to working with?

Consider creating a seamless process for parents and your organization. Virtual is a new way; if you aren't on that path, you won't thrive and grow. So branch out into the space of uncomfortableness, and catapult into the current times!

Twenty Three supports multiple schools in shifting toward virtual. Contact us today!

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